TWiT Boxee App Support

Long story short, the Boxee team was acquihired by samsung & is no longer supporting the Boxee platform. This means that I can no longer make changes to the app. I have fixed all the issues that I can on the server backend, but the rest is basically stuck where it is. I may get around to making an update to fix the streaming issues & submit it to a different repository. But for now, this app is no longer being supported.

TWiT Boxee App v1.7

Below is a list of changes in the 1.7 update:

  • Changed app name from TWiT.TV to TWiT
  • Added version number to splash screen & settings tab to help with bug reporting
  • Added more streaming options to the ‘Watch Live’ page
  • Better live stream navigation (two rows instead of one)
  • Moved show quality selection to settings tab to provide more space. It also affects the quality of episodes in the recent tab.
  • Better show navigation (5×5 grid instead of one really long row)
  • Minor graphics tweaks (Mostly just color changes to follow the TWiT Developer Guide:
  • Album art for shows are now stored locally to save bandwidth

This update was also supposed to contain a favorites  tab which would allow you to just see a list of your favorite shows. The boxee api doesn’t provide an easy way to do this but hopefully I figure out a way to do it and get that feature released A.S.A.P.

TWiT Boxee App v1.4

I just updated the TWiT.TV Boxee App to v1.4. The new version adds the ability to change the default window to: “Watch Live”, “Shows”, “Recent”, or “Last Active Window”. I also made the app remember the last used live stream so it defaults to it. There is also the ability for the user to change the show quality to: “Audio”, “SD Low”, “SD High”, or “HD”.

v1.4 will be available in the standard Boxee Repository when it is accepted by the Boxee Application Submission Team.

TWiT Boxee App v1.3

The new TWiT TV Boxee app is here. It has been a while since the app has been updated and this latest update is huge! I just finished up v1.3 over the weekend. Here is what is new in the v1.3 update:

  • New UI to match the TWiT.TV redesign
  • Replaced flash video streams with HTTP Live Streams (HLS)
  • Added 4 streams:
    • TWiT.AM
    • BitGravity Low
    • BitGravity High
    • Flosoft.Biz
  • Added ‘Science News Weekly’ feed
  • Added trademark info to lower left corner
  • Added to lower right corner

Here are some screenshots: