TWiT Boxee App v1.7

Below is a list of changes in the 1.7 update:

  • Changed app name from TWiT.TV to TWiT
  • Added version number to splash screen & settings tab to help with bug reporting
  • Added more streaming options to the ‘Watch Live’ page
  • Better live stream navigation (two rows instead of one)
  • Moved show quality selection to settings tab to provide more space. It also affects the quality of episodes in the recent tab.
  • Better show navigation (5×5 grid instead of one really long row)
  • Minor graphics tweaks (Mostly just color changes to follow the TWiT Developer Guide:
  • Album art for shows are now stored locally to save bandwidth

This update was also supposed to contain a favorites ┬átab which would allow you to just see a list of your favorite shows. The boxee api doesn’t provide an easy way to do this but hopefully I figure out a way to do it and get that feature released A.S.A.P.