TWiT Boxee App v1.3

The new TWiT TV Boxee app is here. It has been a while since the app has been updated and this latest update is huge! I just finished up v1.3 over the weekend. Here is what is new in the v1.3 update:

  • New UI to match the TWiT.TV redesign
  • Replaced flash video streams with HTTP Live Streams (HLS)
  • Added 4 streams:
    • TWiT.AM
    • BitGravity Low
    • BitGravity High
    • Flosoft.Biz
  • Added ‘Science News Weekly’ feed
  • Added trademark info to lower left corner
  • Added to lower right corner

Here are some screenshots:

7 thoughts on “TWiT Boxee App v1.3

  1. The Boxee supports HLS? I didn’t think it could.
    But perhaps that will mean the terribly out of sync stuff will get closer to who it is on the web.

      • Oh weird, surely its not their job to mange version numbers, but the people who actually make the stuff?

        Anyway I got the update today, and I love the live streaming, its very smooth now and works fine.

        However I have one comment about the layout; I generally only watch this to watch live, and I must say I do not enjoy the new layout.

        There are more clicks to navigate to get to live.

        Could it perhaps be added that if you press ‘up’ on the start page it jumps to the live page? Possibly with the users last channel choice preselected?

  2. Actually I’m seeing problems with the HLS streams, I don’t know if its a native Boxee Box bug or what, but frequently the play suddenly starts buffering ever 10 seconds, and from the on only the video plays back, the sound is gone.

    • The Boxee OS handles the playback of HLS playlists so it must be a bug with Boxee. Make sure that you are running the latest version of the OS.

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