TWiT Boxee App v1.4

I just updated the TWiT.TV Boxee App to v1.4. The new version adds the ability to change the default window to: “Watch Live”, “Shows”, “Recent”, or “Last Active Window”. I also made the app remember the last used live stream so it defaults to it. There is also the ability for the user to change the show quality to: “Audio”, “SD Low”, “SD High”, or “HD”.

v1.4 will be available in the standard Boxee Repository when it is accepted by the Boxee Application Submission Team.

9 thoughts on “TWiT Boxee App v1.4

  1. For some reason v1.4 is loading incorrectly on my Boxee box. When launched I can see the menu at the top, however, the white content frame is empty. Navigation controls are visually unresponsive although I can hear the navigation audio feedback. Boxee version (build date March 2 2012). This seems to be the latest firmware available.

  2. Another data point here… Same blank white content frame for me.. Latest stable boxee box firmware release as well (v. It initially showed the stream selection upon update to v.1.4, but I moved up to the menu and selected settings (without selecting a default stream), then backed out settings and got the blank content. I may have even exited the app altogether after going to the settings menu. Now, I never get the stream selection (just blank white) and I can no longer navigate to the menu bar at the top, though I hear the navigation sounds.. Removing from favorites and reinstalling has no affect. Is there any way to get it back without wiping my user settings completely? App worked great prior to update… thanks!

      • No problem, glad I could help. Thanks for being so accessible. BTW, I pulled the v1.5 update tonight and it definitely solved my content issues. Your app is essential for getting my daily tech fix. Keep up the good work!

  3. Well, the interface works (worked in 14) for me, love the change from 1.3
    However there are some odd playback problems after its been running a while, but if you just hand of the playback to boxee box i guess its the firmware which is at fault, not your app?

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