4 thoughts on “TWiT Boxee App v1.6

  1. Ok, serious point, if you still read this.

    Perhaps you could add an option for people to chose the podcast resolution IN the settings. That way they could be removed from the main screen and that would make more space for the podcasts.

    It takes too long scrolling through the one line of podcasts.

    In fact it would be very useful if we could chose to hide some of the podcasts from the normal view. There are some of those podcasts that I will never watch – and so it feels like a bit of wasted space and bandwith.

    • Sorry for taking so long to reply. WordPress wasn’t forwarding comments to my email for some reason.

      I plan on releasing a new version of the TWiT Boxee App within a few weeks. The new version will clean up some user interface elements as well as provide more user refinement. I will make a post when 1.7 becomes available.

      Thanks again for the feedback. It is greatly appreciated! 🙂

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